About Us

In 1970 Lewis C Fisher had the vision to develop a service driven, family owned battery supplier for Lakeland, Florida. This vision led Mr. Fisher to acquire Delk Battery, a Lakeland automotive battery remanufacturer and the founding of Batteries by Fisher, Inc. From this humble beginning of rebuilding one automotive battery at a time, our founder persisted on giving the customer “ a quality product, great service and a fair price”. In 1972 Batteries by Fisher, Inc. shifted away from remanufacturing to offering new batteries to our business partners. In the years to follow, under his guidance, Batteries by Fisher built its reputation of being a premier automotive battery supplier for Central Florida. Mr. Fisher’s focus on delivering more value to our business partners than just an automotive battery grew our reputation and our loyal business partners.

As our reputation of being a premier battery supplier grew, so has our service area. Batteries by Fisher now services all of Florida’s battery needs from our two distribution centers, our corporate headquarters are still based in Lakeland and a satellite branch in Stuart. Our two distribution centers warehouse over 15,000 batteries to provide all of your battery needs. Batteries by Fisher supports our business partners from Miami to Tallahassee and Jacksonville to Naples with our fleet of six commercial vehicles (ranging from 33K to 59K GVW) and our seven non-scheduled delivery fleet. Today, Batteries by Fisher is still a family owned automotive battery supplier. Just like our service area has grown, so has our family. We are now in our fourth generation of ownership with a 100 plus years of combined service to the automotive battery industry. We are still focused on fulfilling our founder’s vision of a service driven, family owned battery supplier, while delivering quality products, great service and a fair price.

Our commitment to be the premier battery supplier for the state of Florida, has led us to developing strategic partnerships with the leading battery manufactures in the world. We proudly offer products manufactured by Auto Meter Products, Axion power International, Camel Storage Battery, CSB Battery Technologies, Crown Battery, Dacar Battery, Discover Energy, ECOVolt Power, Exide Technologies, E-Z Red Products, Lifeline Battery, Midtronics, Noco Products, North Star Battery, Power-Sonic, Pro Charging Systems, Quick Cable Corp.,Ramcar Battery, Spectrum Brands( Rayovac/Varta), Sungwoo, Universal Battery Corp., Willard Battery and Yuasa Battery Inc..

Our relationship with these key automotive battery market movers means Batteries by Fisher is always on the leading edge of battery technology. From field-testing to being active board members on industry leading battery organizations, Batteries by Fisher helps keep our business partners in the know with latest battery technology.

Our founder’s guidance of giving our business partners “ a quality product, great service and a fair price” inspire us today. Batteries by Fisher, Inc. may have started as a simple automotive battery company in Lakeland, but we have grown to supply quality products for all of your battery needs. Our knowledgeable service representatives are committed to developing long-tern personal relationships with quality business partners. We invite you to contact us at 1.800.741.2496.